Services & Products

We offer top-of-the-line waste management systems that will tremendously cut down waste management costs, reduce the volume of waste being transported to the landfills and turn organic waste into100% organic compost fertilizer. This simple process, using imported green technology, will be able to generate revenue to cover processing costs.  Studies conducted on the organic compost fertilizer have revealed that it is of a better grade compared to other types of fertilizer and is proven to produce better crops in agricultural use.

The whole process involved the collection of organic waste, transporting it to the composting centre and then processing it using our high-technology composting machine. Within a 24-hour period, the waste was transformed into organic compost fertilizer. This fertilizer could, in turn, be sold to agricultural farms or to the public for use in their gardens.
Our Services also include:

  1. Consultation – Agriculture/ Industries Organic  Waste Disposal Solution.
  2. Food Waste Composting & Disposal machine Supply. (Restaurants)
  3. Bio Diesel Processing (Used Cooking Oil)
  4. Green Educational Program.
  5. CER Program. (Corporate Environment Responsibilities)